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The Fasolis Foundry was founded in 1958 by  Piero and Marcello Fasolis. Started in a small part of the premises that is still part of the current structure, the business then expanded over the years and, with the entry into the company of the sons Roberto and Paolo, it has further differentiated.

It has survived unscathed periods of market crisis, reaching  to the present day by virtue of a production aimed at a multisectoral clientele.

The initial production was in green moulding of aluminum and bronze; over the years it has expanded with the use of new production techniques and the use of other non-ferrous alloys.

Production – ovens – equipment

Castings of different alloys

Casting production for various sectors

"Quality, on the creation of castings"

Total guarantees on our product

Our professionalism combined with experience and the most advanced technology in step with the evolution of the moment allow us to guarantee every aspect and every detail of the work done.

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