Aluminum in its alloys

Aluminum castings

The Fasolis Foundry makes aluminum in earth or shell castings

We produce raw or finished aluminum castings according to the customer's request

Thanks to the long experience acquired, we are able to satisfy the most specialized needs of individual customers both as regards the use of particular alloys and the use of complex moldings in aluminum castings.

The alloys used for aluminum castings

Aluminum in its primary and secondary alloys:

G-Alsi 4,5 (anticorodal)
G-Alsi 7
G-Alsi 12–/13
Galzn10 (autotemprante)
ENAB 21100
G-Alsi 91-1-
SGAl Cu 4

At the customer's request we are able to use other alloy castings

The sectors in which we operate

Transport: Naval, Railways, Marine Engine Design, Industrial Engine Design, Power Transmission, Agriculture.

Food: in the production of parts for packaging machines, vacuum packing machines, oenological machines.

Industrial: Civil and industrial heating, Gas, Oleodynamic, Hydraulic Sectors.

Furniture: Urban Furniture, Civil Furniture, Lighting.

Guaranteeing a high quality of the products; we are competitive both on the national market and on the main European markets.


Melting / casting equipment: We have n. 4 crucible furnaces 500 kg capacity; CD Each oven is dedicated to its own alloy. Deburring and casting: The deburring and cleaning of the castings is carried out at our premises. Sandblasting is performed on site only for castings with high quality requirements

Quality check

Normally it is carried out at the beginning of production and during the production cycle, at the end a further check is made on 100% of the castings. Dimensional checks; Destructive checks; HB hardness checks;

Type of castings

Aluminum supports; Crowns for gearboxes with torque limiter; Flanged nut screws; “T” nut screws; Bodies and covers for gearboxes in the nautical sector; Filters and pump bodies for naval, etc…. Water and air exchangers for shipbuilding, components for the railway sector (bushings and bearings with anti-friction white metal coating).

"Quality, on the creation of castings"

Total guarantees on our product
Our professionalism combined with experience and the most advanced technology in step with the evolution of the moment allow us to guarantee every aspect and every detail of the work done.

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