Nautical sector

Casting parts for the nautical and naval sector

Customized production of casting parts for the nautical and naval sector

The use of technologies in naval engines is being studied by Fasolis Foundry. The knowledge of their use during operation has allowed to develop  know-how through which it has specialized in the development of prototypes or mass-produced parts.

The production in casting turns into the production of: heat exchangers for marine engines, fittings, fitting equipment, supports, pipe unions, doors, flanged nuts, valves, filters, impellers.

Our production is dedicated to specialty parts, therefore it is possible to obtain custom-made and customized castings. The details for the naval and nautical sector are made of bronze and its alloys:Lead bronze,Aluminum bronze,tin bronze.

It is possible to produce customized quantities according to the customer's needs.

Cast production of heat exchangers for marine engines

The Fasolis Foundry takes charge of the realization of the detail through the manufacturer’s drawing for the exchanger model to be built with the technical and structural characteristics of capacity and resistance for which it has been designed, guaranteeing quality in terms of materials and finished product.

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