Earth foundry

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Earth foundry

Sand casting is a classic foundry process. The molten metal is poured into a compound mold called green sand, which will be broken at the end of the process in order to extract the piece.

The Fasolis Foundry deals with the production processes that make it possible to obtain metal objects by melting and casting metals into special forms, using hollow objects that will give the piece its shape.

Main features

Sand casting is one of the most versatile manufacturing processes and can be used with almost any metal or alloy.

The range of pieces obtainable through foundry processes can vary greatly: from smaller objects with decidedly simple geometry to bulky and complex products, such as naval engine parts.

To carry out the sand casting process there are some aspects to keep in mind:


The model is an object that represents the shape that the final product will have to assume. It can be made with various materials.

The purpose of the model is to create in the mould the cavity into which the molten metal will be poured.

the souls

The cores are used to obtain holes in the casting, i.e. the parts that must not be filled with liquid metal and are inserted into the model.

The cores are made up of earth or sand mixed with agglomerates, formed with a negative mold called a core box.

The forming

The molding is the container into which the metal will be poured and Fonderia Fasolis performs it in the stirrup.

The form consists of two stapes, i.e. two frames, open above and below, into which green earth is poured and compacted around the model. This type of earth is made up of sand mixed with binders and various additives; it must have various characteristics, among which it must be permeable to gases, allow them to escape and prevent them from creating internal porosity in the castings. This process is called green forming

Formation in green earth

“Quality, on the creations of castings in fusion “

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