green earth foundry

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green earth foundry

Fasolis Foundries performs green sand casting, also known as green sand foundry, is a type of foundry that uses green sand as a molding material to create metal shapes.

Green sand is so named because it contains a sodium silicate binder, which gives the sand a green color.

In the green sand casting process, green sand is mixed with water and binders to form a mouldable mixture. This mixture is then compressed around the metal pattern or desired casting shape. After squeezing, the sand mold is left to dry and harden.

Once the sand mold is ready, it is placed in an oven to heat the sand and remove any residual moisture. Subsequently, the molten metal is poured into the sand mold through a sprue. The metal solidifies into the sand mold and, once cooled, the mold is broken up and removed, revealing the desired fusion.

The advantages

Green sand castings are widely used in the manufacturing industry to produce a wide variety of metal components, such as automotive parts, agricultural equipment, machinery components, and many more. This foundry method is valued for its flexibility and ability to produce complex shapes.

Green sand molding

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