Fasolis Foundry

The Fasolis Foundry deals with the production processes that make it possible to obtain metal objects by melting and casting metals into special forms, using hollow objects that will give the piece its shape.

Castings in fusion

Castings are made of Aluminum and its alloys, Brass, Tin Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, Tin and Lead Bronze and Nickel Bronze

The workings

The strength of the company has always been the organization of production aimed at a multi-sector clientele.

A production that today includes various non-ferrous alloys and the use of up-to-date production techniques.

The Fasolis foundry is currently the only one in the Asti area specialized in the production of earth and sand.

Molding in silicate sand

Formation in green earth

The furnaces in the foundry

Over time, the original premises have been completely renovated and expanded and innovative machinery purchased capable of improving production both in terms of quality and quantity.


“Quality, on the creations of castings in fusion“

Full job guarantees

Our professionalism combined with experience and the most advanced technology in step with the evolution of the moment allow us to guarantee every aspect and every detail of the work carried out.

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